Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seamless Heart Pattern

Seamless Heart

Scrap yarn
Circular needles (1-2) or dpns
2 stitch holders
NOTE: Size of the yarn and needles does not matter as long as you achieve a tight gauge
Techniques need:
SSK= slip slip knit (decrease)
Circular knitting (pattern written for 2 circular needle method)
K2tog= knit two together (decrease)
KRL- Knit Right Loop (increase): Insert right needle into right loop of stitch just below next stitch, place it onto left needle and knit it, then knit the stitch on needle.......This stitch can be replaced with kfb increase
IMPORTANT NOTE: When knitting the krl in includes the increase as well as the knit stitch. So where it reads Krl you are going to increase and knit one then continue with the pattern instructions. Picking up with the knit stitch after the Krl increase.

All these techniques can be learn by going to and looking under the increase and decrease section or under the advance section (for circular knitting)

If you find the lopes of the hearts to be too pointy you can end it on round 19 or round 20 and thread the yarn through the remaining 10 stitches (Variation sent in by Floofle)
If you don't want to sew up a small gap you graft the lobes closed. This should also give your heart a more rounded lobe. (Used by Litchfield)
Don't like how fidgety starting the heart is try using a circular/invisible cast-on and/or cast-on for 8 stitches and then begin the pattern with round 2. One suggestion would be to use the "lighter circular beginning" which can be found further down on the above link. This will allow you to tight up the bottom of the lobe later adjusting the bottom point of the heart. (Used by Litchfield)


Starting at the point of the heart and working up to the lobes
Cast on 4 stitches (I used the long tail cast on)
Divide Stitches evenly among needles
Round 1: increase into each stitch (8)
Round 2(and every even round following): Knit across
Round 3: [k1,krl, krl, k1] repeat (12)
Round 5: [k1, krl, K2, krl, k1] repeat (16)
Round 7: [k1, krl, k4, krl, k1] repeat (20)
Round 9: [k1, krl, k6, krl, k1] repeat (24)
Round 11: [k1, krl, k8, krl, k1] repeat (28)
Round 13: [k1, krl, k10, krl, k1] repeat (32)
Round 15: [k1, krl, k12, krl, k1] repeat (36)
This is where you are going to begin shaping the lobes of the heart
Round 16: k9, slip the next 18 onto stitch holders, knit the last 9 (this will divide your stitches so you will be working with 18 stitches at a time)
Round 17: [k 1, K2tog, k3, ssk, k1] repeat (14)
Round 19: [k 1, K2tog, k1, ssk, k1] repeat (10)
Round 21: [k 1, K2tog, ssk] repeat (6)
Round 22: knit across
Break yarn thread through remaining 6 stitches pulling to close up the left lobe. Secure end.
Switching to the right side lobe you are going to knit the 18 stitches on the holders for one round then repeat rounds 17-22

Break yarn thread through remain 6 stitches pulling to close up the right lobe. There will be a small gap between the 2 lobes this you can stitch shut with you tail end. Secure end.

Tested and corrections sent in by: AlienSunset
If you find any other mistakes such as the count being off or have any suggestions please feel leave me a message on my blog or ravelry account (username Sarloz)
Sara L.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the comment on Ravelry, and congrats for this desing, the pattern is really clear and the hearts are just lovely.
    I´ll post about Seamless Heart in my blog with a link to your pattern, hope you don´t mind.