Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Pattern: Mermaid's Web (Cowl)

Mermaid’s Web
By: Sara Lozzi
This cowl was inspired by the webbing on a Mermaid’s fin. The garter sections alternate between two sizes and are separated by a row of drop stitches.

PDF can be found on ravelry. 

Materials & Tools

·         Yarn:
o   1-2 Skeins of Aran or Bulky Weight yarn.
o   Recommended Yarns:
§  Bulky: Bernat Roving
§  Aran: Bernat Sheep{ish}, Lion Brand Landscapes
§  Any other single plied Aran or Bulky weight yarn
·         Needle Size: 13 US / 9mm
·         Tapestry needle for finishing
Gauge: is not important as long as your fabric is loose and has a nice drape

Cast on:
Aran: 20 stitches
Bully: 15 stitches

Pattern Design:
Row 1-2: Knit

Row 3: Knit each stitch wrapping the working yarn around your needle two times before pulling it through. This creates a stitch with two loops (double stitch).

Row 4: Knit into the first loop of each double stitch letting the second loop drop off the needle.

Row 5-7: knit

Repeat rows 3-7 until desired length ending on row 4


Option 1: Seamed
Bind off and cut yarn leaving a long tail. Using your tail seam cast on and bind off ends together.

Option 2: Seamless
You are going to connect the ends into a loop the same way you would if you were working a folded hem (similar to a 3 needle decrease/bind off).

·         Hold the ends together with the wrong sides facing out. 
·         Stick your right needle through the first live stitch (on your left needle) as well as the first cast on stitch (as you would to pick up a stitch).

·         Knit them together as if they were both live stitches in a three needle decrease. Continue in this same manner binding your stitches off as you go.

·         You’re Finished! Weave in ends. Light blocking is optional. Samples were not blocked.

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