Friday, July 25, 2008


Hey guys, just wanted to post a little something since its been a while. I finally have all the materials I need to start the leprechaun .... I was able to get my hands on some Patons Fab in skin. I bought it from a seller on ebay since I couldn't find it else where. The yarn was cheap but the shipping cost an arm and a leg. I bought all she had in stock which was 6 balls so I'll have plenty for future projects.
As much as I wanted to start the leprechaun it is now on the back burner ... I found a new project thatI can not wait to get started. About a month ago my aunt found out that she was pregnant so I was looking around for some patterns I could make for the new baby and came across the most adorable cardigan! It's called "A Cardigan for Merry" and is a smaller adaptation of the "Cardigan for Arwen" that was featured in Interweave Knits (winter 2006). The "merry" version doesn't include direction for the cable so I had two choices; Icould download the orginal "arwen" version online or look for the magazine issue it was published in...i chose the latter and it came out be a little more than the pattern download plus I got a bunch for patterns to look through in the magazine. For the yarn I ordered Swish dk from knit picks in pale lemon and asparagus green, I will be doing the cables and trimming in the yellow and the rest in the green.

I just got the yarn today and started on a gauge square and I have to say the yarn is super soft....i wasn't expecting it to be so nice! The green is more green then pictured on the site but it will still work with the lemon. I am really excited about getting started on the cardigan as this will be my first clothing item other then baby booties and a baby sock. I'm alittle nervous as well since its a bigger pattern then I'm use to working on and something I haven't made before....hopefully it won't come out to bad and I won't have to much difficulty with the pattern.
I will be sure to update my progress and hopefully have pictures soon.

Also I bought more yardage in yarn then the pattern calls for an hope to make a matching hat and mitten set and maybe a scarf if i have one year olds wear scarfs? Do parents put scarfs on little kids?

disclaimer: the picture above is what the cardigan looks like and this is the picture featured in he pattern was not done by me.

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