Friday, August 22, 2008

Sewing time

I don't have any new knitting updates but i have been messing with my mom's sewing machine it's been like 13 years or since i last used on when i was like 9. I'm rather proud of myself since i figured out how to work on my own with a little help from the manual. Now i just need to practice turning corners. I did make drawstring bag though for my knitting projects.....mind you its a very narrow bag and can only fit a tiny project with a narrow skein of yarn lol but it gets the job done and im happy with it as long as i dont look at the seams on the inside. here are some pictures of the bag i made
they are really bad pictures but will have to do. the first picture is of the inside fabric please ignore the ugly seams that do show ...i tried to hide most of it .

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