Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project Elvis

Well I finally finished the pair of socks for my boyfriend that I started in October. They were the socks from hell! Every time I thought I had my gauge and stitch count right I would get just past the heel and realize they were going to be too big. So after 4 frogged attempts and a handful of frustrated tears I put them away for a couple months. My fifth attempt was a slow process, I decided to go with a pattern instead of try them on my own, ( which I did with the last pair of socks I made) I chose Meliss Morgan-Oakes' Varsity from 2-at-a-time socks.
This attempt also came along with some tears of frustration. I had knit just a few rows before the toe decreases when my boyfriend tried them on (for like the 6th time) and decided they were too wide. I wanted to kill him for waiting so long to tell me. I decided to start the decreases sooner then expected so the socks would be a bit short on his feet in hopes that as he put them on they would stretch taking away from the width a bit. Thankfully this worked. He says they are a little snug at his toes but if my gauge swatch is a good indicater then they will loosen up when washed. I am so glad these socks are finished. Hopefully he will wear them a bit so I don't feel like my efforts were for nothing. Next up on my project list will be a baby hat for an old high school friend of mine who is expecting his first baby this year. I am very happy for him and his fiancé.

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