Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gnomes Gnomes Gnomes!

I would like to introduce you all to the Gnomelyweds, Ginny and Harvey! Harvey enjoys hanging outside doing manly gnomey things and working in his garden making it a gnome paradise for Ginny. Ginny likes to dance and read outside in her garden watching Harvey work while she sips on a refreshing cup a tea. Ginny and Harvey were made for the Ravelry gnome-a-long in the GnomeAcres Group. We had to knit something gnome related up using atleast 50% GnomeAcres yarn. There is still some time to join if anyone wants to hop on by and take part in the fun. The gnome-a-long ends September 9th, which is plenty of time to knit up a lil gnome! A lot of people are using patterns by Susan Claudino ( aka Noknitsherlock). Her patterns are adorable and fast so check them out! Harvey and Ginny are knit from her 'Gnome is where the ♥ is' pattern using 100% of Gnomesacre's yarn. I bought the gnome-a-long kit that Amanda designed specifically for Susan's pattern. You got to pick your skin color and hair color, while some let you pick the option of a random mini skein. By the time I ordered the random mini skein option was sold out but I had more than enough at home to work with. My kit contained the red yarn for Ginny's hair and mini skeins of Butter Cow for the skin, which I combined with a Hulk Smash mini skein. One mini skein seems to be plenty to knit two gnome hats.

Last night I was looking to do some tv knitting and since I loved Susan's pattern so much for the little gnomes I made a third one. Everyone, meet Elphie, she was inspired by the broadway musical 'Wicked' as well as the GnomeAcres' Witches Brew colorway. I used Butter Cow and Witches Brew from GnomeAcres, as well as some green from a small mini skein I got from CobbleStone Creek Farms, in the colorway Apron Strings (I believe thats what it was called). Elphie is 'wicked' excited for halloween and is already planing out her costume. I might just have to knit her a couple 'Wicked' inspired gnome friends to trick or treat with.

Now for a small bit of enabling....

While I was knitting my Gnomelyweds I stored the project in a new project bag I got from Absolute Wonder's Etsy shop. When I saw the bag in her shop I just had to get it to go along with all of my GnomeAcres knitting. It is one of her medium sized drawstring bags, which has two deep pockets on the inside and stands 12" tall/ 10" tall when closed. I also bought a matching notions wedge bag from her that stands 4.5" tall and 8.5" wide. I really love both bags. They are made with great craftsmanship. The notions bag is large enough to hold all my notions or a small one skein project, while the drawstring bag holds atleast two skeins of yarn for a larger project or multiple small projects. The only thing about the drawstring bag that I'm not completely in love with is that if you fill both pockets there isn't much room in the main part of the bag for yarn, so I have only been using one pocket at a time. I have another Absolute Wonder bag (currently holding my sweater) which was part of a package I won about a year or so ago that has a pocket on the inside and outside which I much prefer over the two on the inside. 

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