Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wee Butter Beer Mouse

Looks like we have a mouse in the Butter Beer! 

This little guy was made using Amanda's (GnomeAcres) Squishy Gnome base (worsted) in the colorway Butter Beer (Harry Potter inspired) using Susan Claudino's Wee Bonnie Mouse pattern. I can't say enough good things about SC's designs (or GnomeAcres yarns) especially his guy. He was a really quick and fun knit. The construction was genius and has made me look at attaching and finishing in a completely new way. Now I want to knit all my toy designs in a similar fashion. The only seaming this lil guy required was for attaching the ears. everything else was worked right into the pattern. I also really like how the appendages sit flat where they are connected and are easy to flop around. I will be knitting more mice in the future I think.

I brought this guy into work for the kindergarten class I spend my day in and the kiddos loved him! One of the little girls even wrote me the cutest thank you note! Instead of sitting on a self somewhere at my place he will now be well played with and loved just like every toy should be!

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