Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Favorites!

It has been a bit since I last posted and that's mainly due to not having any FO's. My fingers have been very busy though! I am currently knitting a baby blanket that is taking up most of my knitting time and I have started a Knit Night at my work every Thursday. It's a lot of fun and I don't get much knitting done as I am teaching most of the girls how to knit. I am excited that I get to share something I'm so passionate about with some really incredible women. I promise to get some WIP pictures to show off soon until then though I want to finally talk about all my favorites!

1. Socks- cuff down, magic looped, one at a time, fish lips kiss heel
2. Lace/Shawls

These days I am all about knitting socks and lace shawls. I still really enjoy knitting little softies but the thing with softies is that once you finish them they need seaming and assembly. With socks and shawls they are virtually finished when I cast off and leave just a couple small tails to weave in. I even usually weave the tails in half way through my project so that only leaves the bind off tail when I'm done. Of course with lace I do have to block but I actually enjoy blocking and it doesn't take that long to do. Then I just go about my day until it dries. 

Most if not all of my yarn comes from Indie Dyers and its mainly fingering weight. In fact all my stash except for a small portion (very tiny) is fingering weight. At first it was because I got so addicted to socks but then I started realizing how versatile it could be. You can use it to knit socks, baby items, lace, and shawls, and most of these items can be knit with one skein with minimal left overs. It can also be used for softies, you can use it as is and make a tiny little guy or knit with the yarn doubled to get a bigger toy. Right now my favorite dyer is GnomeAcres which I don't see changing anytime soon. Her yarn (and customer service) is of the best quality and her colors are gorgeous! I also like Highland Handmades, Socks that Rock, and Lollipop yarns for self-striping. 

1. GnomeAcres (no surprise there for my readers)
2. Highland Handmades
3. Socks that Rock
4. Lollipop Yarns

1.Sunset Fibers
2. Corgi Hills Farm
3. FatCat Knits

Sunset Fibers is my all time favorite spot to get fiber. I just adore Linda and her fiber is heaven in your hands! Her fiber is pin drafted, super soft, and just amazing to work with. I really can't express how much I LOVE her shop! If I could I would buy atleas tone of everything she puts up! 

Corgi Hills Farm and FatCat Knits are new shops for me. I have yet to spin anything from them but their colors are amazing and everything is so soft and squishy! I am very eager to test some of my purchases out! 


1. Chiaogoo- Red lace/Spin interchangables
2. To Be Determined- currently trying out HiyaHiya, Karbonz, and Knitters Pride Novas

I am in LURVE with my Chiaogoo needles! I have both the Spin(red cables)and twist cables for my interchanges, I do prefer the red cables. Now that I am use to the sturdier cables that's all I want to knit with. When I switch to a more flexible cable I don't feel like my work is as secure.... If that makes sense. I know a lot of people don't like the red cables for magic loop especially for socks but I don't have a problem at all with them. The first couple times I used them for magic loop I was worried about ladders but once I got use to them they weren't an issue. For magic loop I also use a 32" cable which may or may not play into getting ladders. I use the twist cables for magic looping and small knit items, such as softies. They have mostly become a back up cable for me though. It's not just the cables I love though, the tips are great. They have just the right 'stickiness' and slideablity and they are very light weight. They just fit my hands so well. I do prefer the 5" tips over the 4".

Stitch Markers:
1. SuchGwenderfulStuff- Snag Free 
2. Clover- Locking Ring stitch markers

I was never a big stitch marker gal until fairly recently but now I am addicted. I am all about the snag free ring stitch markers! I do not like the ones that dangly, they get all tangled up in my project. My go to stitch markers are by SuchGwenderfukStuff on etsy. There are several reasons I love these stitch markers: 1) they are colorful, 2) the wire is narrow so they don't effect your gauge, 3) she carries multiple sizes, and 4) they come in  a cute little tin. Most importantly though they really are snag free! They are made to last! I have purchased snag free stitch markers from other makers before and the bead on them always ends up sliding around after a couple rows of use causing the yarn to snag!  Some I have been able to fix with a little super glue while others I have not. Sometimes the wire is just to thick for me to squeeze back into the bead. Then I end up with superglue everywhere! I don't mind if the marker needs a bit of superglue after a bit especially if it's an easy fix but I do not want to end up with my fingers glued together. I am tough on my snag free markers, when I slide them I always end up pushing them by the bead. Gwen's markers have so far been holding up wonderfully for me and if I do force a bead free it is super easy to fix.  Her customer service is amazing and her prices are good. You get her rainbow set of 14 markers for 7 dollars, her extended rainbow set of 24 markers for 10 dollars or once of her custom colored sets of 20 for 8 dollars. All sets include the tin. 

My other go to stitch markers are your typical locking stitch markers by clover. I have tried other brands but fit the clover are more workable and durable. These markers are great to hold on to dropped stitches, to mark repeats/rows for easy counting, and to use as cable needles. They work perfectly for sock cabling! 

1. MyNeedleNook Pleated Project Bag (wedge)
2. Birdlegbags (wedge)

 My all time favorite bags to uses are two pleated bags I bought from MyNeedleNook (shop owner Linda Rogers). She isn't one of your big named project bag makers but she really should be because her pleated bags are to die for! I truly mean that. I have a medium/shawl sized bag and a large sweater sized bag. 

My medium bag (Sheep) currently holds two sock WIPs comfortably with room to spare and in the past has held a couple shawls. It doesn't have pockets but it came with a tiny buttoned "bag" that fits a couple stitch markers and tapestry needles. My sweater bag (bikes) is occupied by my baby blanket WIP. I have had two skeins of Caron simply soft and four skeins of Bernat satin sitting comfortably in this bag along with some extra room. It has two inner pockets one that zips and one that is open. Each pocket is deep and is perfect for loading with your needles and accessories. In the past I have bought bag with two inner pockets and regretted it because the pockets when used took space away from the inner bag. I do not have this problem with Linda's bags. Each bag has a looped handle strap and has extra padding for protection. Which means the stand on their own (with out the extra bulk) and best of all no knitting needles poking out through the fabric! Seriously if you have never used one of these bags you NEED too! I have projects bags from Birdlegbags, AbsoluteWonder, Stitched by Sasha, Jessalu, and piddleloop which are all just sitting in my draw as back ups now (with an occasional WIP). I still like my other bags but I don't LOVE them like I do my pleated bags. It's insane how roomy these bags are and the craftsmanship on them is gorgeous! 

Right now Linda has a sweater sized bag in her shop that is in an adorable animal print waiting for a home.
 If its still there when I get paid I will be coming my way! I'm giving you all fair warning I have my eye on it so if you want to try it out you better get to it before me. 

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