Monday, September 14, 2015

Episode 18: Socks

Ravelry name: Sarloz
Ravelry group: Purls of Color Podcast
Instagram: Sarloz_Purlsofcolor
Periscope: Sarloz

Ravelry Group Happenings!

-Sock-A-Long: August 1st-September 30th, Never Enough Thyme Yarns Giveaway- Bubblegum Heel toe Skein. Each Set of completed socks count as one entry. If you knit my Single Mock Cable Sock pattern then you can count it as two entries! 

-Podiversary Giveaway WinnerRoseBob
-Project Shar: Links- Ravelry : Theknittycat , pattern page, Flickr Account: Theknittycat, Personal Websites: TheKnittyCat's Tips and Techniques, Peotry pageShar's Spiritual Affirmations 

-Stash Down 


- Lady Edith Socks by Sara Lozzi (me- pattern to come) made with Storied Yarns Super Twist Sock in Lady Edith the Farmhand

- Ruby Slippers: Seamless Salomas Slippers by Megan Williams made with Knit Picks Swish Tonal in Wine Tasting

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