Sunday, June 22, 2008

bride bear dressed

Here are a few more pictures of my bear. I finished the dress and in all i was rather happy with the results. i started from the bottom of the dress and woked my way up the dress is pleated up at the top but its hard to tell cause the dress is a little tighter than i time ill make it wider...the waistband is a lace design i found in an issue of simply knitting and really pretty but unfortunatly you cant see it well in the pictures. the dress is strapless and even laces up in the back a little bit.
the garterbelt is uder the dress and a nice surprise in my opinion. I will be making a flower head tomorrow hopefully and than i need to add some eyes. wasnt to fond of the one i have embroidered on so i cut them out.

i had started the dress from the waist and worked my way up then redid it when i learned if i want to do the pleats the best way to do it was from the bottom up. I am glad i did cause then i was able to add the lace and get a decent shaped skirt without it being overly complicated . the dress was actually really simple.

sorry for the crappy pictures


rojita9 said...

I think her dress looks great! I enlarged your photos & I could see the detail on the front & back and it's really pretty. After you make her headpiece, are you going to try making a bouquet for her to carry? Maybe you could find some small fake flowers in the craft store where they sell stuff for doll-making. That's where I got the snap-in black eyes for my robot. You can check him out on my Ravelry to see what the eyes look like. I'm not so good at embroidery, so these eyes or buttons work better for me :) Your friend is going to LOVE her bride bear... what a sweet gift!

knittycat said...

Oh, Sara! I just LOVE your wee bride bear! She's lovely! The dress looks great! and the bear herself is just sooo pretty!! Can't wait to see her complete with eyes and headband! :o)