Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bride Bear Update

I finished knitting the teddy bear along with the garter belt i just need to make the dress... I am a little nervous about making the dress....I do not have alot of experience with knitting clothes and I don't have a pattern for the dress I want to make. If all goes well with the dress I will be in complete shock. the garter belt is hard to see in the picture but here its made of of a cast on row of white yarn a knit row of blue then a knit and cast off of white.

I am really pleased with the body and I think my shaping and seaming is getting better. This is the first stuffed animal i made other then the octopuses that would sit up on their own with out propping against something ..I am really happy about that. I didn't us as much yarn as I thought I would. the pattern calls for 50g of yarn and out of a 50g ball i have probably a little less then half left. It probably isn't enough for another toy but it will work well on a multicolored toy.

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rojita9 said...

Your bride bear is really shaping up! I can't wait to see how the dress turns out... :)