Saturday, June 14, 2008

i finally have a Saturday off and do not know what to do with myself. it a beautiful day and i would love to sit outside however yesterday i went to the beach without any sunblock and my back is completely friend. i have a nice tan started on my front so i decided to just work on getting some color on my back .... i did not get the color i wanted. In stead of a nice tan i am lobster red from my waste down and crimson on my shoulders and most my back. I do have to finish knitting the second sock to a pair but right now i'm just to tired to and i can't sit in one spot for long until my legs scream for some relief. later tonight i will be heading over to my boyfriend's house and until then i will be lathering my self in aloe and lotion in hopes that i can remain some what comfortable.
I am hoping the bf wants to go get some ice cream to night i am dieing for some homemade coconut in a cone....or a sundae would be nice.

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