Monday, June 16, 2008

Lazy Monday

It’s another Monday but this time I do not have to work :) which makes me happy. It is a dreary day out though and looks like I will be stuck in the house for most of it...this usually is not bad thing since I have my crafts to keep me occupied, however my stepdad doesn’t have work until around 3 o'clock and he is in a grouchy mood and once again working on leveling the hallway floor. We moved into this house 5+ years ago and it has been none stop repairs. Whenever my step dad gets to working on the floor you know he is in a bad mood that is just going to get worse. Since he is in front of the stairs I’m pretty much stuck in my room. This also puts him in a bad mood....he sees it as being lazy which he despises.
Then I’m stuck in the room with my twin and we do not get along well at all..... She just took over the one hard surface in the room so it looks like my plans for needle felting isn't going to happen. I wanted to finish at least the main body of my chipmunk today ....most of it is complete I just don’t like the markings I started to put on the body. so I will just be covering it up with a light brown fiber...add a white belly then use a darker brown for markings on his back. Then its onto his arms and legs ... I’m not sure how I want to make them yet. He looks like a very cartoonish chipmunk so I think I will settle with a teddy bear type body with arms and legs that are moveable.

Yesterday was father's holiday I am not very fond of. It’s so hard to find a good father’s day card let alone 2. I don't really consider Mark (step-dad) a father my mom married him when I a sophomore or junior in high school and well he really isn't around too much since he works in the afternoon till around 11 o'clock at night. He does a lot and I do appreciate that and he is a huge part of my live and I care about him but I feel uncomfortable getting him a greatest dad ever card act.... and then there is my dad....who was gone most of my life mainly spending it in jail and not paying child support. he is now back in my life and has been for about 10 years or so...we get along well enough and I love him but he is not the best person ...he doesn't have a lot of morals and will screw anyone including his own son (multiple times) if it will benefit him in some way. I defiantly don't feel comfortable buying him a greatest dad ever card or one that is sappy and reads "thanks dad for always being there for me....being someone I can trust and always sticking by my side” but I still want a card that is both meaningful and sincere for both my step-dad and my father. I did manage to get a couple cute cards ... I went with one that was funny for my dad and then for my step-dad I got him one that was simple and just said we appreciated him without going all sappy.

Later that night I went out with Elvis (my boyfriend) and caught a movie...we say Kung Fu Panda. It was such a cute movie and Elvis was laughing so hard at one point I thought he was going to pee his pants. I love when he laughs that hard it’s so cute. After the movie we went back to his house and I ended up falling asleep most of the time over there which I was really disappointed about. I hate when I do that but sometimes I just can't help it. He did say it was ok if I slept when he saw I was tired but I would rather spend the time with him not sleeping lol ...I did take a quick nap then we watch some tv together which ended with the both of us dosing off for a little bit. In all it wasn't a bad night and my sunburn was feeling better...I wasn’t in complete agony lol it was a little irritating but nothing too bad.

As for the knitting front....I still have not worked on my second sock lol I do have it started though. I started on a new toy which is almost done I just have the arms and ears to make. I have the head/body/ and legs stuffed and sewn together already so it’s mostly done. Once again it is a toy pattern by Barbara Prime. (a.k.a Fuzzy can find a link to her blog on my side list) made with some Andes wool I got off of Knit picks and even though the yarn is a bit rough and stiff I really like the color i'm using and how the yarn has knitted up. I am also still working on designing a pair of booties...I have a rough prototype that I like but I just want to change a few things on it. Here is a picture of the bootie so far...well I have added a strap since this picture was taken

I have changed the cuff a little and want to change the toe. I want to work the short rows over a larger number of stitches and then I think it will be complete. That’s really the only part I’m not satisfied with. Ok well know that I have given you a massive blog to read (not sure if I have any readers out there yet) I am going to call it a day for blogging and hopefully I’ll see you soon.

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