Monday, June 30, 2008

new project and bear update

hey guys. just wanted to post an update. my bride bear has made it safely to her new home. My friend loved her and lets just say her new hubby was the first to see the bear's garter belt lol. I have been working likely crazy for the last week and a half and havn't had to much of a chance to knit. i starts a new project for another friend. Its going to be a character he likes from a website...its like a wingless bird.I have most the body and hope to work on it some more soon.

I also bought some new yarn for an Alan dart project i want to start. I want to make his leprechaun. You need three different shade of green and i never realized how hard it was to find greens lol. I got a couple nice shades in Casade 220and just need to get one more. I have never used this yarn but I hear its nice to knit with and it has a rather large collection of colors. Now I just need to find a nice flesh ton yarn that isn't discontinued and got a nice color for his beard...the only fun fur i have is in blue or pink and they will not do. if anyone has any suggestions on yarn i would love to hear them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sara !

I used tapestry yarn , there are lots of colors and the weight is just perfect. You'll have to figure out the amount seeing that they come in small skiens, but you can't ask for a better color selection.
I get this kind at my local yarn shop take a look at all the colors !!!

MLH ( from Ravelry )