Sunday, July 6, 2008

This little Piggy went to the Market.....

I have finally purchased all the yarn i need to make my little leprechaun. I am just waiting for the last batch to be delievered. I can't wait to get started. As for project that are still waiting to be finished hopefully i can finish them soon. My weewoo/bird creature i am making for a friend most likely will take me a bit to do. i am getting tired of knitting the body. Its not so bad i just hate the needles im using. I must say after using my KA bamboo needles i can't stand to many other bamboo needles. The KA are so nice. the slides across them smoothly and rapidly and the points are nice and sharp where my clover needles feel like the yarn is sticking to them and they dont feel as hollow as the KA. I really do need to buy some more. Its a shame I dont have more money to spend on supplies. the new yarn i bought set me back another 60 dollars or so i think. i know i wont need it all for the leprechaun and will get use of it later on but its still alot to spend on yarn. Iwas doing good for a while and wasn't buying any knitting supplies..the minute i start though i just keep going and going its awful.

Right now i am testing knitting a pattern for a friend called Petunia the Phyling Piglet ... it rather a simple pattern and rather cute if you ask me. So far i have the main pig body knitted up and just have to make the wings. Here is a Quick peek at what she is looking like. I think i messed up somewhere because her snout is croocked so it looks like she is looking to the side . I'm not happy with the placement of the eyes either but in all shes not to bad lol.

I also still need to finish knitting my second sock the first half is getting a bit lonely. maybe I'll sit down and knit it a little bit tonight.

On a personal note my boyfriend is taking me to see Bon Jovi in concert on the 10th. I can' t wait. I am a huge fan. It is a sad day when My Bon Jovi jam sessions can not lighten my mood. Now i just have to see a Madonna concert and i will be all set for the rest of my life. My Birthday is also coming up just 7 more days and i will be a year older. It scary how fast time flies now. Everyone is in such a rush that we don't really get to experience the day for what it is...its rather sad when you think about it. Oh well their really isn't any thing I can do to change that so I'll just keep knitting my days away.

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