Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Here is a quick post for today. I finally have all my yarn for the leprechaun...mostly...I don't think I have enough of the yarn I want to use for his beard so I order a bit more ...I do have a fall back yarn though just in case. The color I got for the skin tone is a lot more yellow and less peachy then I thought it was going to be....but I’m not going to bothering finding a new one right now. I will use what I have and add some blush to at least give it a rosy cheek and I’m hoping when its next to the copper beard it doesn't looks so yellow. I really like the greens I’m going to use the dark is called forest green the medium is irelande and the bright one is called green tea. the coppery fun fur is my fall back for the beard that yellow is what I had bought for the skin tone...it looked more peachy/pale on the computer, and then I have black for his shoes and the white to go with his leggings.

SO after I said I was going to stop buying stuff for a bit I went and ordered a Japanese felt craft book off of etsy from Owlishy.

She has some really cute craft books up right now...a few were embroidery books which I was really tempted to get but I stuck with the felt one since I have had my eye on this book for a long time and never purchased it. I guess it will be a b-day gift for myself lol. I still have to get my twin sister something.

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