Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Finally I have a finished project to show you guys. I even managed to get my camera to work to take some pictures. I finished my bat, which once again was a Fuzzymitten pattern, and I must say I am very pleased with how she came out. For once i actually like the embroidery I did on the face. She is made with Lion Brand Organic Cotton in pecan and pink...I do not recommend using this yarn for toys since it is prone to breakage when seaming. It doesn't take the weaving in and out of seaming well at all. It made my seaming all the more frustrating. However my bat is incredibly cuddly and soft lol. She is the biggest of my projects measure a foot tall and 16 inches in wingspan (measureing from the widest across not tip to tip or it would be longer).
I have recently joined the Fuzzymitten group on ravelry and will be taking part in the October knit along which is a bunny in a ballerina outfit. I am very excited to get started, ever since i came across Barbara's patterns I have meant to make a bunny for myself and never got around to it. I plan on making my bunny in a dark truffle brown with a orange leotard and green tutu. She will be my pumpkin ballerina. I f possible i want to make her a pair of ballerina slippers in orange with green ties that have leaves going off of them as they wrap around her legs as well as a pumpkin hat. I love pumpkins they are my favorite part of the season! Once i finish my Bunny i really need to get back to knitting that baby cardigan for my aunt. I have been bad and put it off to the side. I have been going through a knitting funk lately where i either have no time to knit or no patience/desire to pick up my needles. I was hoping the bat would help me but the funk started up again when i has having trouble with the wings... I was misreading the pattern....3 times i had to start over because I wasn't paying close enough attention to what I was doing. However it that finishing of a project that really sets me going and now that the bat is done and looking good I can't wait to cast on for my bunny. I may have to wait until tomorrow though, I have been battling a killer cold the last week and it's really kicking my ass I'm exhausted and ready for bed now lol.

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