Sunday, December 7, 2008

Update: picture heavy

Hey guys. It has been a while since i added any real updates. I must apologize i was trying to keep up with the blog as much I could but life got in the way a little. This semester school has been rather hectic and i don't really have alot of time to myself between school and work let alone knitting.

Since I finished my little bat girl I was able to finish upthe 2 cat toys i needed for the cat swap. I ended up making a golden snitch and a cupcake thing lol here are the pictures. The yarn i used for the stitch was a perfect gold color. I mean to another one with smaller needles for my kitties.

I also managed to finish up a couple crochet projects i started almost a year again. They were initial started to be Christmas presents for my cousin's twins however crocheting began to bother my wrists and they were put away until i eventually finished them up to give as birthday presents (they were turning 3). I made the little boy a blue monkey ....all though it looks more like a koala bear and the little girl a pink bunny. The boy seemed to like his toy until his sister grabbed it and threw it on the ground so she could see the c he got. She had previously open her gift and instantly threw the bunny on the ground and went straight for her clothes. I have a feeling they won't get much use but at least their finished and no longer sitting in pieces at my house and i know my cousin will atleast appreciate them.
About the same time i started these little guys i also started crocheting a black and white cat for a co worker which is based off of the same pattern. After finishing these guys up i was inspired to actually finish the one for my co worker. In all i was really happy how all three of turned out specially the black cat. I really did not like crocheting with the black yarn. It was really fun to add whiskers to the cat.

Somewhere in between all the choas i also managed to finish up a small dish cloth which i had started sometime in the summer. The cloth is made up of a bunch of mock which i have fallen in love with. they were alot of fun to knit and so easy and fast. The dishcloth was made with some left over bernat cottontots and will be a Christmas present for my Nana. I may her a bar of soap to go with it but she can be picky with fragrances so i think i will just stick with the discloth.

As for the cardigan i started in july for my aunt who is due in march ...well i only have about 2 cable repeats done. After these 2 repeats i realized their was an error some where on the right side cable. I had apparently translated one of the rows in the graph wrong...I have since fixed the mistake in the pattern but it is a little to late to fix it in the cable i have already knit. I will most likly just continue where I left off and hope that no one notices the difference. I was hoping if i let it sit long enough it won't look so ugly to me. I know i really need to get back to work on it.

I also never finished the plushie for my friend or the Fuzzymitten KAL i set up on ravelry. Everytime i pick it up the plushie work on the last 2 tail feathers I end up knitting half the feather then frogging it. I feel awful though because i have been working on this plush toy for sometime now. As for the Fuzzymitten Ballerina Bunny KAl well i have all the pieces to the bunny knit up i just just dont have it stuffed or put together. I also need to still make the outfit. I plan on doing this eventually but it may have to wait to till the summer kicks back up.

Since I am so goooood at finishings projects lately (I am in fact being sarcastic ) i took on another swap for the holidays. This time i need to knit 2 cats toys and provide a gift for both my swappee and her cats along with a cookie recipe. I have the recipe the gift for my partner and just need to finish the toys and get the cat a little something. I have until the 15th to do this ..... I am hoping i get it done on time....however it is not looking good with the semester coming to an end on the 11th (i have an unbelievable amount of school work to finish) and finals starting the 15th. I may send it out late :(. I also decide it would be fun to put together a swap for the fuzzymitten group on raverly where everyone knits up a doll for their pattern and include a ball of yarn and clothing pattern so their partner can then dress up their doll the following month in a new kal. The swap isn't until the month of January and it will last 5 weeks or so..that way i should have plenty of time to finish a toy up. If anyone is interested in signing up for the swap the deadline is 20th and you can find the sign ups here . I would love to have you join in on the fun.

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