Sunday, January 4, 2009

knitting updates

ok so i have started the sweater over and think my gauge is looser then what it was before but I'm not going to complain and I am keeping what i have. I did a test swatch of the cable and it looks good. I think i fixed the mistake. I am not to fond of this cable....its such a pretty addition to the sweater but there is something about it i just dont like. Yesterday when I started this post i was determined to make this sweater with this particular cable. I have never had so much trouble knitting anything before and defiantly want to stick with it to prove I can do it (I know I can the swatch i made the other night was easy). Plus i could not find a cable pattern i liked to replace it, however I have come across a new cable found with the help of a forum on Ravelry (vicking cable shown in a pattern titled Viking socks) that i think would fit in well with the sweater. The cable pops out a bit more and is somewhat similar to the the one in the pattern but it is not reversible. The original cable i feel sinks in where the the cable pops out on the reverse side so that parts of the cable are not as noticeable. I will make a swatch later on with the new cable and see how it knits up in this yarn. If i like it more and get the correct gauge I am going to use it instead of the reversible cable. Here is a picture of the new cable. I actually love the socks and think it may go on my list for future projects. The socks featured in the picture were knit by the designer : Lykkefanten and featured on her blog.

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