Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ducklings with footwear

Hi. So i haven't been around to much and that is mainly due to school and work. This semester is going to be an exceptionally busy one. I am currently taking part in an internship at a school for children with autism. So far it has been a lot of fun. The school focuses on behavior analysis which is what i hope to get a masters in (someday). If all goes well I will hopefully end up with a job in the field come may. Ideally I would like to continue working with this school but if I can't then atleast its a great foot in the door for me. So with the intern, classes and work I do not have alot of spare time, luckily though I have a break between my classes on Monday and Friday so I have been able to get some knitting in. I do not know how long this will last though....I may have to use this spare time for homework in the future.

This week I was able to finish up a couple projects. I made another toy by Barbara Prime a.k.a Fuzzy mitten for a swap on ravelry. It was a lil duckling and I love how it came out! I was a little sad to have to mail her out. I will have to make another one one of these days. The swap itself went beautifully! I was so excited. This was the first swap I arranged and the 3rd i have participated in and everyone mailed their packages out when they were supose to go out and no one was left out!

I also participated in another swap on ravelry for the kitty swap group and made a crocheted heart teaser toy along with a pink cat nip filled fortune cookie that looked more like a heart. The theme for this swap was of course Valentines. I have yet to mail the package out (its a few days late now) due to a post office mishap and a long weekended. The package though will go out tomorrow.

I managed to finish a pair of baby booties for my aunt who is due on the 18th. She lives in Maine so I will have to send them up with my grandma when she goes to visit on Wednesday. As for the cardigan for merry I was suppose to knit her...well that is on hold and looks like it may be permanently...I just don't have the time right now to knit it. When I do I will cast on this time as separate pieces instead of knitting it as a whole. My seaming has gotten better and I find it relaxing now to sew things up so I don't think it will be a huge problem. With the breaking it up into smaller pieces I am hoping it will decrease my chances of messing up and that being able to see my project progress sooner will motivate me to finish it faster....I will also be ditching the cables and most likely fill the front columns with seed stitch instead.

Today I cast on a pair of pom pom peds (socks) and am excited about knitting them up. I am using Bernat satin sport in jade and camel. I have been "craving" to knit another pair of socks for a while now and wanted a simple relaxing project that wouldn't require alot of attention and this pattern seemed perfect. I couldn't find any yarn in my stash that shouted out to be a pair of socks so I went to Michaels craft store to see about getting some microspun and came back with the bernat which was cheaper and the colors were exactly what I was looking for. While there I noticed a sign that said they were getting a new yarn section come spring. I have mixed feeling about this. Lately Michaels has been discontinuing the yarns I typically go there to buy. I am hoping they are going to get a wider range of colors and brands. I am excited to see if they make the section larger but weary that they will be making it more "commercial".

With tax season coming up I have treated my self to a couple new books. Knit picks was having a sale and I couldn't resist. I bought Teach Yourself Visually Sock Knitting and Favorite Socks. I can't wait to look through them.


Jackie said...

What a cute little duck - I love Fuzzy Mitten patterns :O)

Esther said...

favorite socks is a real good book, I love the patterns in it. I agree the swap was a great success!