Sunday, April 5, 2009


Last summer i decided to teach myself to spin so i got together with a friend and we learned together. At the time i was positive i was doing something wrong and eventually gave up since I couldnt figure out what i was missing. However I'm not one to let fiber get the best of me and decided to give it another shot only this time i was going to follow through to the end no matter how much i felt like i was doing something wrong and i did and made this. Turns out I wasn't doing anything wrong I just needed to practice. I also looked up some tips on Ravelry and you-tube and have managed pretty well. I need to work on my plying it came a bit undone as you can see by the picture.
I am still working on learning on how to draft and spin at the same time which is a weak point of mine. I was never good at coordination and its hard for me to do two different things with my hands at a time. So for now i have been pre-drafting. I am currently spinning up some green dyed bfl and really like how its coming out. It isnt as consistent in thickness as I would like but I am getting a better feel of the whorl and slowing practicing drafting as I go, which seems to be going better now that i pre-drafted the fiber out a little bit. I bought some beautiful merino roving and can not wait to spin it. I spun a small amount of it up as a test and loved it. I want to get a little better with my top whorl before i try out a larger amount of the merino.

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