Saturday, May 2, 2009

Knits, Roving and More

Ok first i want to start by saying yesterday was my last official day of college!!!! I still have to take finals and finish writing a paper but atleast i dont have to go to another class. So what does a wool addiction do to celebrate her last day of ROVING if course!!! As my last post mentioned I am still very new at spinning so i keep telling myself i am not going to go out and buy all those pretty roving s featured on etsy incase i screw them up royally but I could not resist any longer and since yesterday was pay day and I got my last pay check that included pay for vacation time i had not taken I decided to splurge a little(if $60 is considered alittle lol). Here is what i bought:

I got theses here from Etsy Seller Copperpot she really has some lovely color blends so be sure to stop by and check them out. The first colorway(the pink and lime) is Splash and its from her new line color duos. The second colorway is Mango Berry and it is just gorgeous!

My favorite colorway by here so far was the victorian holiday; it is now sold out though :( and i wasnt able to buy it. Just look at how lovely it is. It is a combination of merino and bamboo and would have been just wistful to spin with. I think i would be afraid to use it at first though.

My next stop on etsy was to Sunset Fibers and i must say the roving she is overing right now is perfect for the current season. They're just full of color. Here is bought some cooriedale roving and I'm excited to see how it feels. The yarn i made in the last post i made usinf some cooriedale that I bought for felting. It was a little rought though but i have been told i should judge until i spin some more. I will say the bit of cooriedale i did spin have have been a bit more rough them i liked but it was easy to work with. Plus the colors where just do beuatiful i couldnt resist. The first one is a lovely pink and yellow blend and looks absolutly stunning. In my opion it is the perfect summer color way. Reminds me of the sun.
The second one i got is a blend of blues and purples. I bought this one with my twin sister Vanessa in mind. Growing up she always were purple and i always where pink. I know she will like these blends of colors. If anyone is interested Sunset Fibers also has some adorable needle felting kits and patterns.

Recently i also received about 7-8 oz of a beautiful undyed wool roving from a new friend of mine Romana over at Yarn cloud. She is very kind and i think you should buy and see what she has. She has a lovely line of sock yarn and bamboo yarns. Believe the pictures she has up does them no justice at all!! I have been wanting to try my hand at dying some yarn and roving and was very excited to see that roving she was sending me was undyed! Now i have some roving to practice on! After checking out ravelry i have decided i want uses unsweetened Jello packets mixed with salt and vinegar as my dyeing solution and dye it using the plastic wrap steaming method. It sounds a bit messy but it seems like the best way to go for a beginner. It should fun but first i need to buy some supplies. I dont think my mom would appreciate it if i used her cook wear for wool dying.

Ok now for the knitting! It has been awhile since i finished my alan dart chick swap and i noe have the pictures to post for you. I was really late on sending the package out but i made sure to send alot of extra goodies to make up for it. It managed to make its way to my partner the monday following easter and my partner assured me that she keeps her easter decorations up for a while. Plus chicks are very springtime and should make a nice spring addition. Here is my chick. I am very happy with how the shell came out even if it was a pain in the but to knit! To many rows of stockinette stitch for my liking but it did come out adorable. If i make another one i'll be sure to knit the shell in the round. It wasnt to hard to seam up and in fact my seaming skils have improved immensly but it nice to know when all that stockinette stitch is complete that you dont have to seam it lol.

I am also curently knitting a new Hansigurumi pattern and it is amazing! Her new pattern out, other then those in her new book which by the way is stellar, is the a chameleon. The minute i saw it i knew i had to make one! So far its going well, it just may be the most complicated project i have knitted to this day but i'm having fun with it. I will post pictures once i finish it. Until then though i will post a picture of the chameleons she made for the pattern.

I a more personal note i will be graduating and receiving my bachelors in Psychology on may 16th and will be starting a new job the following monday. I am both excited and nervous. I managed to get a full time position at the school i was interning at which is amazing. I love it there so much and can't wait to be back to there. However i will not be working with the same class and will miss the little guys alot. I am nervous to see where i will be placed and hope it is with the early childhood kids. I will be happy where ever i am placed, after all it never hurts to broaden your skills and experience and after i do long to learn new things. I am no longer employed at my previous job. I left early so i could concentrate on finishing my classes and that way i will have a week or so with out school, finals, or work that i can enjoy the weather and get some of my crafting done.

Note: the picture in this blog where not taken by me (other then the chick) but where taken by the artisan who made the items.

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