Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Yep my title about explains it all. I have been very busy lately. I decided to take on a second job selling jewlry. Basically I booked home parties were i sell the jewlry. Its alot of fun but it has also been alot of work. One of the requirements to start selling jewlry was that you had to book 5 parties within the first 3 weeks of your training class. which i did but i managed to squeeze them all in in the the first 2 weeks. Thats alot of parties and alot of paper work lol. I'm glad i had the parties though they were alot of fun which as just what i needed since the last week at work has been complete hell. I'm starting to doubt my ability and thinking maybe this is not the right job for me. I am so behind in paper work and everytime i turn around i feel like im doing something else wrong or that im not meeting everyones expectations.

The 13th was my birthday, I went out with my boyfriend and had a nice time. However one of my cats went missing. We noticed he hadnt come home Tuesday. Since we live by the woods and have a huge fisher cat and coyote population that he got himself into so trouble and wasnt coming home. Wednesday night my sister went out looking for him ,calling his name and well he must have heard her because Wednesday night he was hit by a car crossing a street heading towards home. We found out thursday morning. Since then we have had him cremated and we burried him out in our yard by the bird feeder.

i havent done much knitting infact at this very moment i have nothing on my needles. My friend came over this week and was in complete shock when she heard this. Since we learned to knit together i have never not had a project on my needles. Right now I don't have any desire to knit. I'm definatly going through a funk. I'm not sure whats up but i just can't seem to get inspired. I don't know what to knit and there is nothing in my stash calling to me to be made into something. None of my patterns even look appealing to me. I have however been doing a little more spinning. not to much as once again I've been very short on time. I was spinning up some Blue and black fiber but eventually got tired of it and decided to switch to some gorgeous fiber i got from Sunset Fibers. Im wasnt a huge fan of Cooriedale until i started spinning this batch, it is absolutly stunning! The fiber feels great in my hands and the color itself if spinning up wonderfully. I've come to the conclusion that I'm a hige fan of Sunset Fibers, i have always been impressed by their colorways and have never been disipointed by the texture of their fibers in fact i am always surprised at how soft they truely are.
Here is a picture of what i have spun up. It extremly thin...not sure if im a fan of the thinness but thats seems to be wat my fingers want so im just going with the flow.

thats pretty much all ive been up to. I've been a bit boring lol.

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