Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meet Hazel

Here is my new bunny Hazel. I made her using Barbara Prime's FuzzyMitten "Bunny with a Dress" pattern and Knitpicks Swish dk in Truffle. I am in love with how she came out. She is the first toy of mine who's head is actually sewn on straight. I usally use large sewing pins to postition the pieces as I sew them (which never works out well for me) but today I couldn't find my pins so I decided to improvise and grabed some bobby pins from my hair supplies and they worked out fantastic! I will never be using sewing pins again! My bobby pins are now sitting in with me knitting supplies. Since the head worked out so great I used them on the limbs as well. I placed the bobby pins in so that the straight side was stuck into the toy with out coming out through it and the crimp side was on the outside of the toy holding it together. It gripped the fabric excellently and really stablized the limbs so that I didn't have to wrestle with them.

In my last post I mentioned how I was in a knitting funk majorly. I'm starting to come out of it. I didn't knit Hazel recently, in fact I started her in October 08 and finished her within the month but I never got around to putting her together . So today I woke up rather refreshed feeling and in the mood to do something crafty so I pulled out the little bunny pieces I had hidden away in a draw so I wouldnt have to look at them and feel super guilty all these months. I think finishing Hazel was just what I needed. Now i just need to find another pattern to get started on. I'm thinking Debbie Birkins Pocket Hippo. I know i have some grey wool laying around.

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