Sunday, October 4, 2009

HandSpun and Thank you Features

Last weekend I went to an Organic Fair in Unity Maine with a friend. It was so much fun and it really inspired me to get my butt back in gear and finish the fiber I had going on my spinning wheel. So the next morning I took out my wheel oiled it, and tightened a few screws and went to town spinning. I had about 2 oz out of 4 already spun up so I got to work on the other 2 oz. Once that was spun up I made my self a Lazy Kate using a box I had laying around from an old jewelry shipment, and three 18 inch size 9 knitting needles that I no longer use. Then I got busy plying my singles together with a not so helpful hand from Ozzie the new kitten. He just loves my wheel. He sits there trying to to spin the wheel part faster and stretches up to "help" the singles onto the bobbin. He really is a cutie, just not so helpful at times. I finished my first handspun and love it. I used some amazing cooriedale fiber I bought from Sunset Fibers on Etsy. It was a pleasure to spin and made a beautiful 2 ply. I managed to get about 227 yards out of the fiber with some left over. I would guess the yarn weight is similar to a fingering or dk yarn. Its not really thick but it does get really thin in some parts. I am planing on knitting it up into a feather and fan patterned scarf in hopes the changes in thickness won't be so noticeable. My fingers are itching to get to spinning something else. Part of me wants to stick to spinning more cooriedale since its what i am farmilar with but the adventorus part of me wants to try something new on the wheel. I have a lovely 2oz batt that's a blend of BFL, firestar, silk, and some bamboo called Baby Dreams that I purchased from Ilashdesigns on Etsy, which I think I am going to try next. Its really soft and should be a quick spin.

I also wanted to send a quick Thank You out to my friend Shar (aka: theknittycat/knittycat) for the lovely package she made me. I just loved it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Shar's work you should go check it out. She makes the cutest knit amigurumi which she calls Peeps. They are perfect little gifts and great for anyone of all ages. You can find some of her Peep patterns over at her website. She has also made some really amazing character Peeps such as Elmo, Cookie monster,Kermit, Eeyore, The Incredible Hulk, The Thing, and Taz. All her finished projects are created without patterns and are usually made all in one piece! Her craftsmanship is just amazing and some of the techniques she uses just blows my mind! I am so lucky enough to have her as mentor, she has really helped me out and inspired my knitting. She also included one of her Peeps in hte package for me! She sent me Little Bonnie the Bunny and she is just adorable! Right now she is mingling with all her new softie friends and has become best friends with my Lil Bunny girl Hazel.Shar was also kind enough to send me a toy for the kitties and I have to say the baby loves it!!

I also wanted to Thank Barbara Prime for Callum. She was having a giveaway on her blog and I was so lucky to win Callum. I was so excited I have had my eye on him for a really long time. He was up for sale in her Etsy store for some time before the giveaway and every time I went in I had to check to see if he was still there looking for a home. I just never had the spare money to take him home with me. At the thought of someone winning him in the giveaway my stomach just sank. I never thought i would win him, but I did and now he is home with me mingling with Bonnie bunny, Hazel bunny and his fellow Fuzzymittens friends that found a home with me during swaps. Here is a picture of Callum enjoying his new home. He seems to like my spinning wheel as well.


ilashdesigns said...

Hi Sara, thanks for the mention and the link! I appreciate it! Your knitting and projects look great! Nice job on the blog! I hope you have a great day! :) Ny.

createamess said...

Oooh - pretty yarn :-)