Sunday, November 29, 2009

OOPS- blog draft I never posted :$

Lately I've been a bit restless. I cant seem to stick with any project. I started the hat then started a blanket square, which I stuck to for 3 days. Then I started a pair of booties, and started spinning some merino fiber even though I'm trying to finish up the green singles I started. A couple days ago I decided it wasn't spinning or knitting my hands wanted to do but rather crochet. I was feeling rather ambitious and took out my copy of Amigurumi: Super Happy Crochet Cute by Elisabeth Doherty, turned to the last pattern in the book and started finding some yarn to make Strawbeary. Now usually I don't follow the color schemes set out by the pattern but when I pulled up my stash I new I wanted to use up some of my Caron Simply Soft and Bernat Satin and it just so happened that I had most of the colors. I did change a few. I used a Bernat colorway in a deep jade for the main color of her shirt and selected the green shown in the pattern to be the accenting colors on her shirt. I am still not sure what color I will make her hair, I have the pink it calls for but I also have a cute purple and a really nice pink that has textured white fibers in it. I'm kinda waiting to finish to see what kinda hair she is screaming for.

Update: 8/2011

Hey guys, sorry for not posting this before I must have started the blog and saved it so I could proof read it for later and then never got around to it. Since I wrote this I managed to complete most on my Strawbeary bear. I made her skirt(gray) a bit longer and gave it a little lace design at the end. She is still waiting on hair and legs, however it might be a while before I finish her up. I have also finished plying the green singles I spun and now its just waiting to be wound into a ball, which is not top in my priorities but I will get to it eventually. I'm pretty sure the blanket, hat, and booties I started have since been frogged but I did manage to knit a toy for a co-worker who was expecting a baby girl. I made her the Silly Duck by Barbara Prime's pattern collection. Both mother and new baby loved it.

After I finished the duck I had another very large crafting funk, you can read about it in my next post.

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