Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Episode 8: A Look at Knitting Needles

Hey guys we had another snow day today so I finally got around to doing a review on different brands of knitting needles. I hope you find it helpful.


Twist and Spin Interchangables: tips and cables are both interchangeable between sets

  •  Stainless steel tips
  • sharp points-Long tapered
  • light weight but sturdy-warms up nicely in hands
  • tips come in sizes 4 or 5 inches
  • red cables- holds has very little memory-cable won't stayed coiled it lays out straight  
  • serpate cables needed for large and small tips 
  • fixed joins
  • lifeline hole

  • Bamboo tips
  • tips come in sizes 4 or 5 inches
  • clear cables- more flexibility than the red cables- alot more memory - tendency to stay coiled 
  • seperate cables needed for large and small sized tips
  • swivel joins
  • lifeline hole 

Knitters Pride 

Karbonz and Nova Interchangables: Same black cables for all. Cables are sturdy and flexible with low memory. More memory than Chiaogoo Twist cables but less than the Spin cables.
One size fits all sized tips

  • Carbon fiber tips with nickel plated brass points
  • duller points- short tapered 
  • tips come in sizes 3.5 or 4.5 inches
  • sturdy and solid. Warms up in hands and has a flexible feel to them

  • Hollow brass tips- plated in Nickel (watch out for nickel allergies)
  • duller points- long tapered- sharper than Karbonz duller than Chiaogoo
  • lightweight and warms up nicely in hands ( I have had one bend with use)
  • tips comes in sizes 3.5 or 4.5 inches

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